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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Cat Dandruff: Home treatments

Cat Dandruff is no fun to me. I have many cat lover friends. They have many years of experiences dealing with it. Here are some solutions you can do at the comfort of your home instead a trip to a cat hospital. Some of my friends' solutions:

  • Mary, my neighbor, uses a kind of fish oil to treat Cat Dandruff.
  • Gloria, One of my friends, said she just keeps her cat on diet. A weight-loss program for cat will do to cure the dandruff, too, she says.
  • Sarah, my work colleague, told me that the cat can not get too much sunlight, or the dandruff could occur.

As you see, everyone has their own way to treat that. This is not a new disease, so along the way, like me, you'll find and have heard many ways to solve the problem.

What is your experiences with cat dandruff, what you do to treat it at home, you may share with me in the comment.

More to come in my blog about cat dandruff, stay tuned ...

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