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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Merry Christmas!

To all my blog readers:

Thank you for your continuous support and encouragement and wish you a very merry Christmas and happy new year!

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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Why Part: Possible Causes of Cat Dandruff

It goes with the territory, but all pet owners know that there are going to be some annoying little quirks about their pets that just happen from time to time. One of the issues that plagues many cat owners, in fact, is cat dandruff. Even though this is a common problem, it can wreak havoc and many headaches on the owner that has to take care of little Garfield. Nevertheless, cat dandruff is a serious problem that should be taken and dealt with caution. Indeed, any pet problem needs to be handled with care, and cat dandruff is certainly no exception to the rule!

The first thing that a cat owner must do before he or she can even cure the cat dander is to consider or think about the possible cause of the cat dandruff. There are several different reasons for cat dandruff and each cause has a certain remedy that needs to be applied. One of the possible causes of cat dandruff may be that your cat is having an allergic reaction to fleas, mites, or another common small pest to your cat. The overwhelming majority of the time if your cat has this problem it will be due to the fleas.

Some cats are certainly more sensitive than others and your vet will even be able to determine whether or not it's from the fleas! If this is the case then your vet will most likely require either a simple injection shot that will be administered at the time of the check-up, but there may be other treatments as well.

Another reason for the cat dandruff may be a problem in the fur coat itself. If this is the case (and should probably be suspected first) then buying your cat some food that is rich with and full of omega-3 fatty acids will most likely take care of the problem.

All in all, cat dandruff is definitely a problem for some cats that needs to be taken serious. By properly diagnosing your beloved pet and taking him or her to a vet or treating your feline with the right diet will ultimately cure the problem and provide great relief to your pet!

(Many thanks go to Paula at SiteLancer)

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Cure for cat dandruff at home

These tiny white flakes, which sell millions of dollars Shampoo with drugs for human consumers can also do to cats. Since the cat hair spreads all over his body, the dandruff is easy to recognize. The flakes are dead, desséchées and the skin is usually the result of some kind of allergic dermatitis -- a reaction to something that the cat, dry skin, itching or squameuses.

The causes of allergic dermatitis may parasites -- such as fleas or mites -- to sunburn, a sensitivity for the new carpet, or even something as simple, which is to air dry for heating. Not to be confused films -- the result of abnormally dry or itchy skin -- with the shed. Phanères refers to the normal Erguß of cells in the skin, combined with the proteins in the saliva of cats, which left on the hair and skin, if the cat is maintained. (Phanères It is not the result of an allergic reaction of the cat, but it is the cause of cat allergies in humans.)

Exposed too often in sunlight can cause your cat dandruff (dander) problem.

What to do

What is the humidity? If you believe, when the air is dry, in your house and dry skin taut and as a result, you can create your cat through the same thing. Humidification is not only to lick the problem of dryness of the skin, it is shot on static electricity in the skin and reduce the likelihood of winter cold.

Search freeloaders. Check your cat against parasites. The bite of chips, lice, mites and are the cause of allergic dermatitis. Chyletiella mites, the so-called "movies go," they are large enough to see with the naked eye, but too small to detail. All parasites skin can be treated relatively easily, but with the aim of eliminating completely, you probably have to do all the other animals in the house, the house itself, and sometimes even in the population.

These are the shadows. A cat coat protects the delicate skin of the combustion in the rays of the sun. But the Cats, a lot of time outdoors, you can still sunburn, especially on the advice of their ears, the eyes, nose or lips. Every place hair is scanty -- box on the head, above and below the eye or ear, where the cat scars or bare boards -- particularly sensitive. Coup sun kills the upper layer of the skin, the intent and desquame. Repeated successes of the sun can cause skin cancer -- another reason for the cats, inside. At the very least, cats, which had a sunburn or who are particularly vulnerable to it (with thin cats, the low density, or white coats, for example) should be maintained, within the period of intense Ultraviolet radiation (burning) rays of the sun -- approximately around 10:00 o'clock in the morning till 3:00 or 4:00 o'clock in the afternoon.

When should call the vet

Persistants or the deterioration of the itching and protect, or the presence of pests calls professional care veterinarians. These Over the counter animal shampoos and treatments parasites are usually not strong enough to settle the matter.

ON THE DANGER: The causes of most films are not dangerous. But if they are not treated, are some reasons for the uncomfortable when the cat scratches rough, run the risk of a low risk of infection.

Diarrhea is a problem, the more pleasure now to talk about it, but it can be even worse for cats and for the people. Learn some tools to work with this condition in the following section.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

How to eliminate cat dandruff? Met a friend today who is really an expert

Today I went shopping and came across an old friend. She and I are college friends at UGA. I worked as an RA at that time doing AI research while at that time she was at vet school. Her interest is, I can recall, is "How to eliminate cat dandruff?". I once read one of the assignments she wrote is exactly "How to eliminate cat dandruff?"

We talked and laughed, and how time flies! She now is a mom of 3 kids, and of course, with 3 cats. I had never seen a person who is so passionate about cats and cat diseases like cat dandruff. She said she had some papers on cat dandruff and asked me to drop by sometime at her home, which is just 3 miles away from me.

What a surprise! You just can not imagine what good things could happen tomorrow. I am glad that I will have one more cat lover friends and an expert in cat dandruff.

I am just SOOOOOOOOOOOO excited, man!

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Friday, October 26, 2007

Why is it happening to my cat?

Why cats have dandruff is:
  • the coat is soo impacted with dead skin cells. The skin need to breath bit it can't now, so it will become dead and falls off
  • winter time, windows are closed and the furnance is on so it makes cat's skin very dry. Feed some fish oil to rehydrate the cat to prevent dry skin.
  • The cat is so fat that groom it's own back end becomes really difficult, like us human beings.
A special note about cats with Diabetes Mellitus( DM ). A cat with diabetes is most likely to develop dandruff. Cats with diabetes or DM has much greater chances to have dandruff problem than other cats. In my experiences this is definetely true. So if you cats has diabetes or DM, go check it at pet hospital to cure the dandruff before it is too severe.

Here are my recommendations to cure the dandruff:

  • Do your inspection. Periodically run your hand down your cats' back, if you end up with a lot of hairs, it'stime for a full grooming.
  • Change your mind set: Do not think that your cat is able enough to take care of it herslf! If
  • full grooming for your cat(s) at least once every 3 months. That's the MINIMUM!
Let me know if this works for you.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

How many of us are suffering from cat dandruff?

Here is some interesting graph from blogspace. You may have a feeling how many of us cat lovers are suffering from cat Dandruff.

"cat Dandruff" popularity curve:

The popularity curve for "cat dandruff" shows how many users searched this phrase in blogscope. Note that, this is only searching "cat dandruff" in blogscope, not in all blogs, not in the whole internet. If google can share the search info, you bet the number of searches will be bigger.

That's why we need a place to discuss it, to address it and to share the info. Once we found more ways to solve it we'll want everyone to know. If you an idea, feel free to add a comment in my blog.

If you have any thoughts about this graph on cat dandruff, please also share with us.

Bath and Diet and Cat Dandruff

The last thing you expect from your cat is the dry, flaky, skin - cat dandruff.

So you see cat dandruff happening in your lovely cat... what is a responsible cat owner supposed to do?

Let's face it. Cat dandruff is just a sign of flaky skin, so give your cat baths frequently will wash the flakes away before they accumulate. Take your cat to a both at a frequency such that, once a month in winter, and twice a month in summer, may solve this problem. The reason behind that is that you have cut the root of the problem - accumulation of the dead skin.

Some points to ponder:

  • Do not use flea shampoos. They are too drying to the skin, which will worsen your cat's dandruff problems later on.

  • Don't use medicated shampoos made for humans because they can be harmful for pets. Use a mild shampoo and massage it well into your cat's skin.

  • Do not use hot water. Use warm water. Let me repeat it one more time: Do not use hot water. Use warm water. I can not stress this any more here as this is the most common mistake cat owners make. Use your elbow to touch the water to feel if it's hot, as you do to your new born babies, remember the days when you just became a parent?

Frequently brush and groom your cat will make natural oils spread evenly over cat's skin, which will reduce cat dandruff problem in the future.

There are times we' see dandruff when cats are short of fat in their diets. Provide your cat with pet fish oil supplements which you can buy from pretyy much any pet store, and sometimes Amazon.com has the product with even better price.

Diet plays a role in dealing with cat dandruff problem. I heard that many cats, when switching from generic cat foods to a high quality cat foods which are rich in oil, have completely got rid of their cat dandruff problem.

So give your furry little pet appropriate bath and diet. It is important in preventing and treating cat dandruff.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Keep your carpets clean to prevent cat dandruff

If you have a cat, there is one big reason why you need to keep your carpets clean – to prevent cat dandruff.

What is actually cat dandruff? As you may know, it
is no more than the dead skin cells. They are constantly peeled off from your cats.

Like us, cats have to shed their dead skin cells. However, those skin flakes are really bad in cats. Cats may produce lots of dandruff each and every day. When someone who is allergic to cat dandruff comes in contact with it , he or she may develop runny nose, sneezing, itchy eyes and even swelling.

To remove the dandruff, one way is to cut down a person's exposure to this kind of allergy. Use a vacuum with filtration. Remember to vacuum your home as often as possible. If you are busy, hire someone to do it for you. It is a good idea not to use carpets in the areas where you sleep, like in your bedroom. That way cat dandruff can not reach you overnight and you will have fewer chances to be allergic to it.

How do I know this can prevent cat dandruff? My story

Fred, a neighbor of mine and a cat lover, is sometimes selfish and I don't have many respects for him, to be honest. He and his family lives with his mother-in-law. Once I visited him, he showed me his bedroom, very small like a guest room. I am puzzled and asked, why not live in the master bedroom? He didn't want to tell me at first. Then he told me his mother-in-law by herself lives in a big master room. Oh man, she lives with them, not just visiting! I'm more puzzled - finally he told me because master bedroom is carpeted, and he is allergic to cat dandruff.

Poor Fred, I learned from you that this really worked for me after you telling me. I am now not so allergic to cat dandruff, part of reason is that I moved a room without carpets.

Thanks Fred. Confucius once said, "If you walk with three guys, one of them can be your teacher in some subjects." That's totally true in helping me fighting cat dandruff.

So today I just wanted you to do one of those three small things:

  • Keep your carpets clean to prevent cat dandruff, or
  • Remove carpets from bedroom, or
  • move to a room without carpets

I hope my tips will benefit you in dealing with cat dandruff.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Cat Dandruff: A real case

Here is my story of Cat Dandruff.

Lena, my cat, is 9 years old. Recently she has been flaking throughout her entire coat for several months. This is the sign of Cat Dandruff.

How I found out, you ask?

Simple, I pulled her hair away one morning and look at her skin very carefully. The skin is very dry and flaky. Not so good. I feed her some cat food. I was wondering how do I do about this Cat Dandruff. Sure, I am a little bit worried, because Lena is a nice cat.

You know what? What happened to my cat Lena? Listen on ...

My cat is simply too dehydrated. I took me a while to figure that out.

Cats should get water in their food; most of cats, unlike us, do not enjoy drinking water. So, they don't have water as much as they should (see here, they too like us human beings). That is also one of those many reasons why Cat Dandruff is so widespread.

The key solution to it, in my opinion in this case, is to switch my cat Lena to a canned food diet. Canned food is not very popular among cat lovers I know, they think they are not fresh, therefore, not healthy to the cats. However, don't forget that canned cat food has much more moisture in it. Happy to my cat Lena, she would get all she needs right there in the can!

I still leave water out for her in case she needs more. I think those water fountains in the pet stores are great as my cat prefers moving water, which she feel fresher. This proves later that this may help preventing Cat Dandruff too.

Lena's weight is about right, however, canned food is better than dry food for her, I guess.

So for right now I recommend canned foods. The majority of them are almost grainless. In pet stores they seem to be slightly more expensive, but you get what you pay for. The benefits are apparent to me to prevent Cat Dandruff.

More on this will follow in this blog in the next couple of days. Your feedbacks or comments about Cat Dandruff are much apprecaited.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Cat Dandruff: What that is, really?

Cat Dandruff is a problem for most of us cat lovers.

So what really is the problem, you ask? Sometimes, cats who are on a fat diet will develop very dry, flaky, skin. There are also some parasitic skin disorders, for example, Cheyletiella (a.k.a “walking dandruff”) , which might cause the coat to appear very dry and flaky. In addition, I’ve noticed an increase in these cases during the winter time. That is because the air gets drier than normal at that time.

So the solution to this annoying cat dandruff problem is:

  • If obesity is the issue, you'd have to put your cat on a weight-loss program - seriously, I am not kidding!
  • You may have your cat doctor evaluate the skin or coat. Make sure there isn’t a parasitic issue with your cat.
I’ve had great success treating cat dandruff. A fatty acid supplement will most of the time do the job. This supplement is very rich in omega-3 fatty acids.

Be patient in treating it. It might take about five weeks to see any changes, however, most of the time after that the coat looks good and there are minimal flakes you can find. How nice is that?

I hope those tips can bring you a little bit closer to a solution to get rid of cat dandruff.

I will talk about another issue with cat dandruff next time.

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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Cat Dandruff: Home treatments

Cat Dandruff is no fun to me. I have many cat lover friends. They have many years of experiences dealing with it. Here are some solutions you can do at the comfort of your home instead a trip to a cat hospital. Some of my friends' solutions:

  • Mary, my neighbor, uses a kind of fish oil to treat Cat Dandruff.
  • Gloria, One of my friends, said she just keeps her cat on diet. A weight-loss program for cat will do to cure the dandruff, too, she says.
  • Sarah, my work colleague, told me that the cat can not get too much sunlight, or the dandruff could occur.

As you see, everyone has their own way to treat that. This is not a new disease, so along the way, like me, you'll find and have heard many ways to solve the problem.

What is your experiences with cat dandruff, what you do to treat it at home, you may share with me in the comment.

More to come in my blog about cat dandruff, stay tuned ...