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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Why Part: Possible Causes of Cat Dandruff

It goes with the territory, but all pet owners know that there are going to be some annoying little quirks about their pets that just happen from time to time. One of the issues that plagues many cat owners, in fact, is cat dandruff. Even though this is a common problem, it can wreak havoc and many headaches on the owner that has to take care of little Garfield. Nevertheless, cat dandruff is a serious problem that should be taken and dealt with caution. Indeed, any pet problem needs to be handled with care, and cat dandruff is certainly no exception to the rule!

The first thing that a cat owner must do before he or she can even cure the cat dander is to consider or think about the possible cause of the cat dandruff. There are several different reasons for cat dandruff and each cause has a certain remedy that needs to be applied. One of the possible causes of cat dandruff may be that your cat is having an allergic reaction to fleas, mites, or another common small pest to your cat. The overwhelming majority of the time if your cat has this problem it will be due to the fleas.

Some cats are certainly more sensitive than others and your vet will even be able to determine whether or not it's from the fleas! If this is the case then your vet will most likely require either a simple injection shot that will be administered at the time of the check-up, but there may be other treatments as well.

Another reason for the cat dandruff may be a problem in the fur coat itself. If this is the case (and should probably be suspected first) then buying your cat some food that is rich with and full of omega-3 fatty acids will most likely take care of the problem.

All in all, cat dandruff is definitely a problem for some cats that needs to be taken serious. By properly diagnosing your beloved pet and taking him or her to a vet or treating your feline with the right diet will ultimately cure the problem and provide great relief to your pet!

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