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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Product Review: Complete Cat Training

It’s so interesting how many dog-training guides there are available in bookstores or on the Internet. You could get all information such as how to prevent behavioral problems; how to communicate with your dog; or how to understand what your dog’s thinking, or how to teach your dog tricks.

My question is, why aren’t there more books on how to do all those for cats? as a matter of fact, cats are just as popular as dogs (if not more popular); and, arguably, they’re just as smart and just as capable of being trained to do lots of things that dogs can do.

So here I got the book titled "Complete Cat Training".

The book is an easy read. And I played with my cat while reading it. The tips in the book really work for my cat. Generally speaking, not only is the whole thing jam-packed with practical tips and hands-on advices, but the price is pretty reasonable: just $37 for this book, the consultation, and the bonus books … They also provide a money-back guarantee for 60 whole days after making the purchase. So if this does not work for you, you get your money back.

My whole expereince with the tips in the book is: I have no qualms whatsoever about recommending this book to anyone who’s got, or is thinking about getting, a cat: whether it’s training, behavioral problems, trouble-shooting, or improving your relationship with your cute kitty, I do think you’ll learn something useful from this book.

One more thing though, the book contains lots of info so you may not be able to know all in one night, but you may read some tips daily and practice it with your cat day by day. For experienced cat lovers, this book can be a good reference and I bet there is some info that might be new to you.

So go check this out and try for yourself. (you'll lose NOTHING considering their money back guarantee program)

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