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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Bath and Diet and Cat Dandruff

The last thing you expect from your cat is the dry, flaky, skin - cat dandruff.

So you see cat dandruff happening in your lovely cat... what is a responsible cat owner supposed to do?

Let's face it. Cat dandruff is just a sign of flaky skin, so give your cat baths frequently will wash the flakes away before they accumulate. Take your cat to a both at a frequency such that, once a month in winter, and twice a month in summer, may solve this problem. The reason behind that is that you have cut the root of the problem - accumulation of the dead skin.

Some points to ponder:

  • Do not use flea shampoos. They are too drying to the skin, which will worsen your cat's dandruff problems later on.

  • Don't use medicated shampoos made for humans because they can be harmful for pets. Use a mild shampoo and massage it well into your cat's skin.

  • Do not use hot water. Use warm water. Let me repeat it one more time: Do not use hot water. Use warm water. I can not stress this any more here as this is the most common mistake cat owners make. Use your elbow to touch the water to feel if it's hot, as you do to your new born babies, remember the days when you just became a parent?

Frequently brush and groom your cat will make natural oils spread evenly over cat's skin, which will reduce cat dandruff problem in the future.

There are times we' see dandruff when cats are short of fat in their diets. Provide your cat with pet fish oil supplements which you can buy from pretyy much any pet store, and sometimes Amazon.com has the product with even better price.

Diet plays a role in dealing with cat dandruff problem. I heard that many cats, when switching from generic cat foods to a high quality cat foods which are rich in oil, have completely got rid of their cat dandruff problem.

So give your furry little pet appropriate bath and diet. It is important in preventing and treating cat dandruff.

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