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Friday, October 19, 2007

Cat Dandruff: A real case

Here is my story of Cat Dandruff.

Lena, my cat, is 9 years old. Recently she has been flaking throughout her entire coat for several months. This is the sign of Cat Dandruff.

How I found out, you ask?

Simple, I pulled her hair away one morning and look at her skin very carefully. The skin is very dry and flaky. Not so good. I feed her some cat food. I was wondering how do I do about this Cat Dandruff. Sure, I am a little bit worried, because Lena is a nice cat.

You know what? What happened to my cat Lena? Listen on ...

My cat is simply too dehydrated. I took me a while to figure that out.

Cats should get water in their food; most of cats, unlike us, do not enjoy drinking water. So, they don't have water as much as they should (see here, they too like us human beings). That is also one of those many reasons why Cat Dandruff is so widespread.

The key solution to it, in my opinion in this case, is to switch my cat Lena to a canned food diet. Canned food is not very popular among cat lovers I know, they think they are not fresh, therefore, not healthy to the cats. However, don't forget that canned cat food has much more moisture in it. Happy to my cat Lena, she would get all she needs right there in the can!

I still leave water out for her in case she needs more. I think those water fountains in the pet stores are great as my cat prefers moving water, which she feel fresher. This proves later that this may help preventing Cat Dandruff too.

Lena's weight is about right, however, canned food is better than dry food for her, I guess.

So for right now I recommend canned foods. The majority of them are almost grainless. In pet stores they seem to be slightly more expensive, but you get what you pay for. The benefits are apparent to me to prevent Cat Dandruff.

More on this will follow in this blog in the next couple of days. Your feedbacks or comments about Cat Dandruff are much apprecaited.

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