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Sunday, October 21, 2007

How many of us are suffering from cat dandruff?

Here is some interesting graph from blogspace. You may have a feeling how many of us cat lovers are suffering from cat Dandruff.

"cat Dandruff" popularity curve:

The popularity curve for "cat dandruff" shows how many users searched this phrase in blogscope. Note that, this is only searching "cat dandruff" in blogscope, not in all blogs, not in the whole internet. If google can share the search info, you bet the number of searches will be bigger.

That's why we need a place to discuss it, to address it and to share the info. Once we found more ways to solve it we'll want everyone to know. If you an idea, feel free to add a comment in my blog.

If you have any thoughts about this graph on cat dandruff, please also share with us.

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