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Sunday, October 28, 2007

How to eliminate cat dandruff? Met a friend today who is really an expert

Today I went shopping and came across an old friend. She and I are college friends at UGA. I worked as an RA at that time doing AI research while at that time she was at vet school. Her interest is, I can recall, is "How to eliminate cat dandruff?". I once read one of the assignments she wrote is exactly "How to eliminate cat dandruff?"

We talked and laughed, and how time flies! She now is a mom of 3 kids, and of course, with 3 cats. I had never seen a person who is so passionate about cats and cat diseases like cat dandruff. She said she had some papers on cat dandruff and asked me to drop by sometime at her home, which is just 3 miles away from me.

What a surprise! You just can not imagine what good things could happen tomorrow. I am glad that I will have one more cat lover friends and an expert in cat dandruff.

I am just SOOOOOOOOOOOO excited, man!

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