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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Keep your carpets clean to prevent cat dandruff

If you have a cat, there is one big reason why you need to keep your carpets clean – to prevent cat dandruff.

What is actually cat dandruff? As you may know, it
is no more than the dead skin cells. They are constantly peeled off from your cats.

Like us, cats have to shed their dead skin cells. However, those skin flakes are really bad in cats. Cats may produce lots of dandruff each and every day. When someone who is allergic to cat dandruff comes in contact with it , he or she may develop runny nose, sneezing, itchy eyes and even swelling.

To remove the dandruff, one way is to cut down a person's exposure to this kind of allergy. Use a vacuum with filtration. Remember to vacuum your home as often as possible. If you are busy, hire someone to do it for you. It is a good idea not to use carpets in the areas where you sleep, like in your bedroom. That way cat dandruff can not reach you overnight and you will have fewer chances to be allergic to it.

How do I know this can prevent cat dandruff? My story

Fred, a neighbor of mine and a cat lover, is sometimes selfish and I don't have many respects for him, to be honest. He and his family lives with his mother-in-law. Once I visited him, he showed me his bedroom, very small like a guest room. I am puzzled and asked, why not live in the master bedroom? He didn't want to tell me at first. Then he told me his mother-in-law by herself lives in a big master room. Oh man, she lives with them, not just visiting! I'm more puzzled - finally he told me because master bedroom is carpeted, and he is allergic to cat dandruff.

Poor Fred, I learned from you that this really worked for me after you telling me. I am now not so allergic to cat dandruff, part of reason is that I moved a room without carpets.

Thanks Fred. Confucius once said, "If you walk with three guys, one of them can be your teacher in some subjects." That's totally true in helping me fighting cat dandruff.

So today I just wanted you to do one of those three small things:

  • Keep your carpets clean to prevent cat dandruff, or
  • Remove carpets from bedroom, or
  • move to a room without carpets

I hope my tips will benefit you in dealing with cat dandruff.

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